Teachers' Day, Graduation and New School Year 2015- 2016 Ceremony

During 7 years of training the high quality human resource, DAP has got many remarkable achievements. With the motto of " Training associated with the business needs ", new school year 2015 - 2016 will promise more success. On November 20, 2015 DAP solemnly celebrated the opening of new school year, graduation ceremony, and teachers'day.

Distinguished guests 

Attending the ceremony was local leaders, school former leaders, teachers, graduates 2012-2015, freshmen, the students’ parents, especially the representatives of business partners - where school graduates are working after graduation and they are also great scholarships sponsors.  

Special items in the programme

 At the beginning of ceremony, Mr.Tran Huu Lich – Rector, welcomed guests he then reported the previous school year 2014-2015. He also affirmed the innovation in teaching, facilities investment, innovation in training program, ... these ensures the strength of  DAP " 100 % graduates will be employed"

Mr.Tran Huu Lich – Rector drumming welcome new school year   

 Being enthusiastic in the field of high quality vocational training , Mr. Bui Manh Lan - the School Chairman has expressed his congratulations to the whole school teachers and awarded certificates for teachers who got some professional achievements during 2014-2015 school year.

Mr Bùi Mạnh Lân – Chairman gloried the best teachers of the year

Besides the innovation, during 7 years DAP has improved the quality of education that impressed on the reliability of students’ parents , society in general and of the business partners in particular. With those efforts, the school has always been interested and accompanied by many companies.  Particularly, in the 2014-2015 school year, DAP received over 100 million for the school scholarship fund from of more than10 corporate sponsors.


Mr. Phạm Hồng Kỳ - Vice Rector – Getting scholarships from sponsors

Mr. Phạm Hồng Kỳ - Vice Rector- giving flowers and letter of gratefulness to sponsors

 On this occasion, the school also sent a warming welcome to the freshmen as well as took leave of the graduates K2012. The graduates were ones who tried a lot to get their best achievements as the gifts to their parents and teachers. Those efforts were requited with College full time diploma which will be the key of their future door.

 The ceremony was solemn and impressive and memorable for all teachers and students. It was also a great motivation for DAP teachers and students to move on their noble missions with promises of development and success in the future .



By Hải Long – Training Affair

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