Strong Impression by Dong An Polytechnic at the Fifth National Self-made Teaching Aids Competition, 2016


The school had 5 devices altogether, accounting for half of the ones which were taken into the competition by Binh Duong team. Remarkably, all the devices won prizes, which were 1 fist, 1 second and 3 third. This is the best achievements of the team until now.



With the simpler and more basic design in comparison with others at the contest, all the equipment indicated the cost- effectiveness, creativity, practicality in both teaching and production.


       The device-makers and board of examiners. 


Mô hình Điện tử công suất photo Mo hinh Dien tu cong suat_zpsyu36qvpp.jpg


Mô hình máy phay CNC 4 trục photo Mo hinh May phay CNC bon truc_zpswmimn9mm.jpg


Mô hình Điều khiển áp suất nước photo Mo hinh Dieu khien ap suat nuoc_zpscnpvnxyf.jpg


Mô hình máy phát điện ba pha photo Mo hinh May phat dien hoa luoi 3 pha_zpsp5e56k1y.jpg


Mô hình thực tập Kỹ năng nghề Cơ điện tử photo Mo hinh Thuc hanh ky nang nghe Co dien tu_zpsbixczofq.jpg





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