Faculty of Information Technology

      In November, 2012 the former Faculty of Computer Network Management was renamed the Faculty of Information Technology. There are some majors: computer network management, computer fixing and assembling, graphics design.

      There is a great number of well-trained young teachers most of whom have got MA degrees. They constantly have extra training courses in order to improve their knowledge and teaching profession.

      The faculty has modern facilities including 4 computer labs which are connected with internet and 1 fixing & assembling computers lab. With this facility system, students are equipped with basic to advanced knowledge, meeting the requirement of companies.

      The information technology faculty constantly supports and encourages students to take part in some technology competitions and got the result as following:

            - One second prize at the Binh Duong Students’ Working Skills Contest in 2012.

            - One  first prize, 2 third prizes and 1 consolation prize at the National Office Computing Competition  2012

          - DAP got the only student chosen to compete in the Microsoft Office World Champion 2012 in PowerPoint 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

            - First prize at the Binh Duong Teaching Contest 2014.

Faculty’s orientation:

           - Improving the quality of teaching and studying in order to develop and become a stronger and better faculty.

           - Not only doing the training responsibility but the faculty will also continue doing scientific research and organizing more extra activities for students.

          - Continuing to promote stronger relationships with businesses and making sure that graduate students can find stable jobs and meet the demand of the labor market.

 Address: Faculty of information technology

            - Tel: (+84.650) 3.949.101

            - Email:khoacntt@dongan.edu.vn

            - Website: khoacntt.dongan.edu.vn

Fig 1. Faculty of information technology

Address: 30/4 Street, Trung Thang Block
Binh Thang Ward, Di An Town, Binh Duong Province
Tel: (+84.650) 377.46.52
Fax: (+84.650) 377.45.73

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